Charles Halle in Paris - between 1830 and 1848

from Life and letters of Sir Charles Hallé; being an autobiography (1819-1860) , pages 33-34:

From the year 1830 to 1848, a period during which he [Chopin] created many of his most remarkable works, it was my good fortune to hear him play them successively as they appeared, and each seemed a new revelation. It is impossible at the present day, when Chopin's music has become the property of every schoolgirl, when there is hardly a concert-programme without his name, to realise the impression which these works produced upon musicians when they first appeared, and especially when they were played by himself. I can confidently assert that nobody has ever been able to reproduce them as …   more >>

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Charles Halle, and Marie Hallé and Charles E Halle (ed.), Life and letters of Sir Charles Hallé; being an autobiography (1819-1860) (London, 1896), p. 33-34. accessed: 7 December, 2023

location of experience: Paris


Charles Halle
Conducting, Pianist

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pieces by Chopin
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Date/Time between 1830 and 1848
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors

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