Ray Charles - 1950

from Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story, pages 127-128:

It was 1950 when I moved to L.A. [California]. As I told you, I had been there once before--to record for Jack Lauderdale without my [McSon] trio. And it was that first L.A. session--sometime in '49--that produced "Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand." Now that was a strange tune. I sang it in my most authentic Charles Brown voice, but I added something of my own. At the beginning of the song, I played celeste instead of piano. I got the idea from one of the most popular tunes of the day, "Dream," which also had a celeste part. "Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand" was more or less a blues, though, …   more >>
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David Ritz and Ray Charles, Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story (New York, 2003), p. 127-128. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1427570309334 accessed: 24 June, 2024


Ray Charles
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'Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand'
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