David Ritz - late 20th Century

from Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story, pages 341-342:

[O]ne night [when Ray Charles is dictating his memoir to David Ritz] I suddenly realise… his speech is in his music… His voice is flexible, the instrument of his moods. If he is excited, he howls in falsetto. If he is mellow or melancholy, he broods in the bass clef and transforms himself into a baritone. As a conversationalist, his vocal charms are overwhelming. If he wants to, he will sell you in a minute. His enthusiasm is electric, his giggle infectious. His speech is magical. He is magical. There is no telling what sound will come out of his mouth.
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David Ritz and Ray Charles, Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story (New York, 2003), p. 341-342. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1427974518563 accessed: 14 April, 2024


David Ritz
Essayist, ghost writer, lyricist, music journalist […]

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Date/Time late 20th Century
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