Duke Ellington in New England - the 1920's

from Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress, page 66:

[Sidney Bechet joined Duke Ellington’s band] in 1926 during the summertime, when we were working around New England for Charlie Shribman… Bubber Miley and Bechet used to have a cutting contest nightly, and that was a kick. They would play five or six choruses at a time, and while one was playing the other would be backstage taking a nip. They were two very colorful gladiators. Often, when Bechet was blowing, he would say, "I'm going to call Goola this time!" Goola was his dog, a big German shepherd. Goola wasn't always there, but he was calling him anyway with a kind of throaty…   more >>

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Duke Ellington, Duke Ellington: Music is my Mistress (New Jersey, 1973), p. 66. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1429001390527 accessed: 29 September, 2022

location of experience: New England


Duke Ellington
lyricist, performer, piantist, Composer […]

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Performance of clarinet
horns performed by Bubber Miley, Sidney Bechet

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Date/Time the 1920's
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors

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