Saint-Saens - the 1800's

from Musical Memories, pages 279-280:

Henri Regnault was the most musical of all the painters whom I have known. He did not need a violin - he was his own. Nature had endowed him with an exquisite tenor voice. It was alluring in its timbre and irresistible in its attractiveness, just as he was himself. He was no "near musician." He loved music passionately, and he was unwilling to sing as an amateur. He took lessons from Romain Bussine at the Conservatoire. He sang to perfection the difficult arias of Mozart's Don Juan. He also liked to declaim the magnificent recitative of Pilgrimage in the third act of Tannhauser.
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Saint-Saens, Musical Memories (), p. 279-280. accessed: 20 June, 2024


Organist, Composer, Conducting, Pianist

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Don Juan
written by Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss, Mozart
performed by Henri Regnault
Recitative of Pigrimage Act III Tannhauser
written by Richard Wagner
performed by Henri Regnault

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Date/Time the 1800's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others

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