George J. Elvey in Ascot - late 19th Century

from Life and Reminiscences of Sir George J. Elvey, pages 282-283:

At one of their little concerts a girl of about sixteen was to sing " Jock o' Hazeldean' and Sir George was kindly rehearsing it with her. This being one of her earliest attempts at solo singing, she was naturally somewhat nervous at performing before so great a musician, and did not do the song or herself justice, for Sir George remarked, with his usual amusing manner, " Come ! let us have it a little better than that ; it is like a yard of pump water." This roused her to more energy, and taking care to profit by his instruction, she felt well rewarded for the momentary mortification his …   more >>
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Lady Mary Elvey, Life and Reminiscences of Sir George J. Elvey (London, 1894), p. 282-283. accessed: 22 July, 2024

location of experience: Ascot


George J. Elvey
Organist, Composer

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Jock o'Hazeldean
written by Sir Walter Scott
performed by Unknown teenage girl

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Date/Time late 19th Century
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors

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