Igor Stravinksy - the 1900's

from Igor Stravinsky: An Autobiography, page 27:

At the moment when I received Diaghileff’s commission, the ballet had just undergone a great transformation owing to the advent of a young ballet master, Fokine, and the flowering of a whole bouquet of artists full of talent and originality: Pavlova, Karsavina, Nijinsky. Notwithstanding all my admiration for the classical ballet and its great master, Marius Petipa, I could not resist the intoxication produced by such ballets as 'Les Danses du Prince Igor' or 'Carnaval', the only two of Fokine’s production that I had so far seen. All this greatly tempted me, and impelled me to break through…   more >>
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Igor Stravinksy, Igor Stravinsky: An Autobiography (1936), p. 27. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1434554293645 accessed: 14 June, 2024


Igor Stravinksy
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written by Robert Schumann
Les danses du Prince Igor
written by Aleksandr Borodin

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