John Wesley - 6 August, 1759

from The Journal of John Wesley, page 251:

Monday, 6 (Everton).--I talked largely with Ann Thorn and two others, who had been several times in trances. What they all agreed in was 1) that when they went away, as they termed it, it was always at the time they were fullest of the love of God; 2) that it came upon them in a moment, without any previous notice and took away all their senses and strength; 3) that there were some exceptions, but in general, from that moment, they were in another world, knowing nothing of what was done or said by all that were round about them.

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John Wesley, and Percy Livingstone Parker (ed.), The Journal of John Wesley (1951), p. 251. accessed: 18 July, 2024


John Wesley
Cleric, Theologian, Writer

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hymns performed by Alice Miller, Ann Thorn, others

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Date/Time 6 August, 1759
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Description of hearing hymns from a group of worshippers accustomed to falling into trances. Description of the trances and that one of them fell into one whilst singing hymns.

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