Queen Victoria et al. in St James's - the 1850's

from Memories of a Musician: Reminiscences of Seventy years of Musical Life, pages 40-1:

The Princess Mary had a beautiful and sonorous contralto voice. This amiable Princess became my pupil later on; I often gave her lessons in singing at St. James's Palace, and sometimes the Countess Apponyi, wife of the then Austrian Ambassador, used to come and sing duets with her. The Countess was exceedingly musical, and could read off music at sight wonderfully well. On one occasion Queen Victoria came quite unexpectedly to St. James's Palace to hear her, as she had been told about her singing and wanted to listen to it.

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Wilhelm Ganz, Memories of a Musician: Reminiscences of Seventy years of Musical Life. In Internet Archive (London, 1913), p. 40-1. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1436164309168 accessed: 21 July, 2018

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location of experience: St James's


Queen Victoria
Wilhelm Ganz
Conducting, Composer, Accompanyist, Teacher

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Duets performed by Countess Apponyi, Princess Mary

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Date/Time the 1850's
Medium live
Listening Environment indoors, in private, in the company of others

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