in London - mid June, 1927

from The diary of Virginia Woolf. Vol.3, 1925-30, page 139:

Now the moths will I think fill out the skeleton which I dashed in here: the play-poem idea: the idea of some continuous stream, not solely of human thought, but of the ship, the night &c, all flowing together: intersected by the arrival of the bright moths.  A man & a woman are to be sitting at table talking.  Or shall they remain silent? It is to be a love story: she is finally to let the great moth in...But it needs ripening.  I do a little work on it in the evening when the gramophone is playing late Beethoven sonatas. (The windows fidget at their fastenings as if…   more >>

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Virginia Woolf, and Anne Olivier Bell (ed.), The diary of Virginia Woolf. Vol.3, 1925-30 (Harmondsworth, 1982), p. 139. accessed: 26 May, 2024

location of experience: London

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written by Beethoven

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Date/Time mid June, 1927
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The 'play-poem idea' was Woolf's novel 'The Waves'.

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