Richard Church in At home in Limpsfield and in the British Embassy in Copenhagen

from The Golden Sovereign, pages 242–43:

This attack [of ill health] coincided with the world-wide outbreak of influenza which swept … over Europe early in 1919.  The local doctor suggested that I should be inoculated, and accordingly I accepted this new treatment.  The result was that I went to bed for three months.

                Fortunately we had previously invited a young Excise officer and his new wife to stay for a few weeks …   more >>

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Richard Church, The Golden Sovereign (London, 1957), p. 242–43. accessed: 18 July, 2024

location of experience: At home in Limpsfield and in the British Embassy in Copenhagen


Richard Church
editor, Civil service, Novelist, Poet […]

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Suite Bergamasque
written by Claude Debussy
performed by Harriet Cohen
written by Hugo Wolf, Robert Schumann
performed by Unnamed young woman

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Medium live
Listening Environment in private, indoors, solitary


Two connected listening experiences are described in this extract. The first took place at the author's home in Limpsfield in 1919, the second in the British Embassy in Copenhagen in 1952.

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