Dr William Plumer Jacobs in Charleston - 2 April, 1863

from Diary of William Plumer Jacobs, page 105:

On Thursday morning, April 2nd, I was aboard the train, hurrying on through brake and brier to Charleston. [...] I drew up before Mr. Lockwood's and cousin Becky came out to meet me with a kiss. That evening I walked on the battery with Arbuthnot; the same old breezes came bustling in. The same waves dashed over the parapet, but how changed everything else. Great earthworks were thrown up on the eastern corner, through the portholes of which were pointed the ominous mouths of forty-two pounders. A new fort (Ripley) had risen out of the waters - a hundred tents were strewing all the green …   more >>

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Dr William Plumer Jacobs, Diary of William Plumer Jacobs. In Thornwell Jacobs (ed.), Diary of William Plumer Jacobs, volume 138 (1937), p. 105. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1447521662680 accessed: 31 May, 2023

location of experience: Charleston


Dr William Plumer Jacobs

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Date/Time 2 April, 1863
Listening Environment outdoors, in public

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