Dr William Plumer Jacobs in Charleston - in the middle of 1863

from Diary of William Plumer Jacobs, page 108:

After service on Sunday I went over to Mr. Mars. I met there an old man Jenkins, 70 years old, a carpenter, who had seen General Washington and was a first cousin of General Jenkins. From this man's lips I took down this scrap of a revolutionary song

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Dr William Plumer Jacobs, Diary of William Plumer Jacobs. In Thornwell Jacobs (ed.), Diary of William Plumer Jacobs, volume 138 (1937), p. 108. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1447521884046 accessed: 25 March, 2023

location of experience: Charleston


Dr William Plumer Jacobs

Experience Information

Date/Time in the middle of 1863

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