Richard Church in Broadway, London

from The Voyage Home, pages 163–64 :

This hunger for music has never been assuaged.  Even street music puts a spell upon my senses, if not upon my mind.  I can recall sitting in my office during a period at the Ministry of Labour when our department was housed in a squalid and dirty block of buildings opposite Dartmouth Street, near St James’s Park Underground Station. To Broadway, below my window, street musicians frequently made their way, with fiddle, trumpet, and three-stringed double bass.  As soon as their music began to float up, dustladen from the street, my attention to the Dictionary of …   more >>

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Richard Church, The Voyage Home (London, 1964), p. 163–64 . accessed: 18 July, 2024

location of experience: Broadway, London


Richard Church
editor, Civil service, Novelist, Poet […]

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