Thomas Ryan - the 1880's

from Recollections of an old musician, pages 237-238:




[Marie Barnard] was a genius in her line. She travelled with us for two seasons, and then went to Paris to prepare for the operatic stage. She has since developed into a good actress under the name of Marie Bama.

When leaving for Europe she promised to find a singer to replace her. In a very few weeks she cabled me, “ Have found fine singer for you.” In due season Miss Lila Juel arrived, young, tall, handsome, and a Swede. She sang with me for two years. It would be difficult to find a better concert singer or a more amiable person.

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Thomas Ryan, Recollections of an old musician (New York City, 1899), p. 237-238. accessed: 19 June, 2024


Thomas Ryan

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performance of 'unknown' performed by Miss Lila Juel

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Date/Time the 1880's
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