Igor Stravinksy - the 1960's

from Themes and Conclusions, page 94:

Webern’s choral harmony disconcerts me, too, for example at the words ‘Im Dunkel’, near the end of the First Cantata, and again in the parallel-interval passages in the fifth movement of the Second Cantata. I can see the interval logic and the purity in these constructions. And I am willing to believe that they derive from a teleological conception of form, though some might call it a mania for total serial identification. But it is harmony, after all, and in the case of the ‘Im Dunkel’ passage, banal harmony.

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Igor Stravinksy, Themes and Conclusions (Queen Square, London, 1972), p. 94. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1450182935800 accessed: 8 December, 2022


Igor Stravinksy
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Webern's choral works
written by Anton Webern
Webern's Cantata No.1 op. 29
written by Anton Webern

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Date/Time the 1960's

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