Maude V. White - mid 19th Century

from Friends and Memories, pages 78-79:

Some years ago I went out of sheer curiosity to hear the Huguenots. I hated the whole thing from beginning to end, though I tried hard to recapture the mood in which I had first heard it as a child. But it was dead and gone. I couldn’t even raise its ghost. Had I succeeded let us hope it would have frightened me! For, anything more alarming to a musician than to find that he or she was genuinely admiring that sort of music again, I cannot imagine!

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Maude V. White, Friends and Memories (London, 1914), p. 78-79. accessed: 18 April, 2024


Maude V. White

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'The Huguenots'

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Date/Time mid 19th Century
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