Francis Poulenc - 1939

from Selected correspondence 1915-1963 / Francis Poulenc, page 121:

I shall often think of those last holidays at Kekker and of our two beautiful musical soirées. That last evening, when I insisted on hearing 'Tu vois le feu du soir', I knew that I would not be hearing it again ... let's say for quite some time. Think of your Poupoule. Love his music. That is all I ask you. 

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Francis Poulenc, and Sidney Buckland (ed.), Selected correspondence 1915-1963 / Francis Poulenc (:London, 1991), p. 121. accessed: 1 October, 2023


Francis Poulenc
Composer, Pianist

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'Tu vois le feu du soir'
written by Francis Poulenc

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Date/Time 1939
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Letter from Francis Poulenc to Comtesse Jean de Polignac, Noizay, September, 1939.

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