Dora Hannan in Portsmouth - the 1910's, at night

from Those Happy Highways: an autobiography, page 8:

Once up the “wooden hill”, we knelt down by the side of our beds to say our prayers, beginning with “Our Father” followed by “Gentle Jesus” and finishing with “God bless Mummy and Daddy and keep me a good little girl (boy)”. On one occasion when one of my numerous cousins was staying with us, I was quite startled, when after the usual prayers, Peggy burst into loud song, or rather, hymn, and I have never forgotten it,

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Dora Hannan, Those Happy Highways: an autobiography. In Brunel University, The Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies, number 2:357, p. 8. accessed: 9 December, 2023

location of experience: Portsmouth


Dora Hannan

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child's hymn singing performed by A female child

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Date/Time the 1910's, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, indoors

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