Isobel Mary Bradbury in Cottardale, North Yorkshire - April, early 20th Century

from My end is my beginning, page 12:


[The author grew up at Dreibeck, the family farm, in North Yorkshire]


For lambing time we were joined by a local vagabond, who slept in a hay loft with his “lil’e dawg”. He was always clean, and went about singing [the popular love song] ‘Bonnie Mary of Argyle’ in a loud raucous voice, but he was quiet and good with sheep. He always went away better dressed than he came, and would go on a drinking spree when he left us.  

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Isobel Mary Bradbury, My end is my beginning. In Brunel University Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies, number 2:871, p. 12. accessed: 8 December, 2023

location of experience: Cottardale, North Yorkshire


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'Bonnie Mary of Argyle' performed by Nicholas Poore

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Date/Time April, early 20th Century
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, outdoors

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