Agnes Cowper in Liverpool - late 19th Century

from A backward glance on Merseyside, page 41:

‘And still the wonders grew’; soon after [my first experience of the telephone, my brothers and I] listened for the first time to the phonograph. It is true that this invention had been exhibited a few years previously in crude, experimental form at the Royal Institute, London, about 1879, but it was not until some years later, and well into the ‘eighties, that it began to make its appearance as a product purchasable by the public. Its …   more >>

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Agnes Cowper, A backward glance on Merseyside, volume 2nd edition (Birkenhead, 1952), p. 41. accessed: 20 April, 2024

location of experience: Liverpool


Agnes Cowper
librarian, shop assistant

Listening to

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Unspecified singing performed by Christina Nilsson, Adelina Patti

Experience Information

Date/Time late 19th Century
Medium playback
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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