Violet Austin in Slough

from Untitled: Mrs. Violet Austin memoir, page 21:

In our small road lived a rather eccentric lady, who for some obscure childish reason, we called Auntie Acid Drops. She had short cropped curly grey hair, and one passionbrass bands. 


If the Salvation Army came round on Sunday morning, she would leave everything, and would be out in the road singing, and when they marched off, she would go with them, everything else forgotten. 

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Violet Austin, Untitled: Mrs. Violet Austin memoir. In Brunel University Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies, number 2:22, p. 21. accessed: 18 June, 2024

location of experience: Slough


Violet Austin
office worker

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unspecified hymns-- Salvation Army performed by 'Auntie Acid Drops', Salvation Army

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Medium live

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