Maud Clarke in Tipton - the 1890's, at night

from Untitled: Maud Clarke memoir, page 5:

[Maud Clarke was one of seven children]


Children were sent to bed soon after teatime, all except baby who lay in a rocker wooden cradle by the fire, as mother sat with her endless sewing, mending and darning.


She soothed the often restless baby, by gently rocking the cradle with her foot, thus releasing her hands for this very necessary task. At this time we knew not of gramophones, radio or television, as mother sang a lullaby in the lamp-light, there being no gas-light (except in a few homes) nor electricity. 

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Maud Clarke, Untitled: Maud Clarke memoir. In Brunel University Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies, number 1:156, p. 5. accessed: 14 July, 2024

location of experience: Tipton


Maud Clarke

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sung lullaby performed by Maud Clarke's mother

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Date/Time the 1890's, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, indoors

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