Hugh Oldham's Boys Club et al. in Manchester - in the beginning of the 1900's

from Thy Kingdom DID Come, pages 15-16:

[Jack Lanigan and his elder brother Matt were orphaned after the death of their father (1897) and mother (1900). They lived with their married stepsister, a sibling from their mother’s first marriage. Jack participated in different sports and made musical events at the Lads Club]

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Jack Lanigan, Thy Kingdom DID Come. In Brunel University Library, Special Collections, number 1:421, p. 15-16. accessed: 23 February, 2024 (By permission of Brunel University Library, Special Collections.)

location of experience: Manchester


Jack Lanigan
District Sanitary Inspector, drain inspector, errand boy, Public Health Inspector

Listening to

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singing-- popular music hall tunes performed by Jack Lanigan's step-niece, Jack Lanigan

Experience Information

Date/Time in the beginning of the 1900's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors, in public


Eugene Augustus Ruhlmann (Stratton was a stage name) was an American music hall performer who made his career in Britain and influenced the careers of G.H Elliott and the Irish tenor Tom E. Finglass. All three men performed in the black-face minstrel tradition ('coon singers') and were extremely popular.

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