Susan Silvester in Minworth, near Birmingham - between in the beginning of the 1880's and at the end of the 1890's

from In a World That Has Gone, page 8:

[…] I nearly forgot to mention another special day. This was St. Clement’s Day when we used to go clementsing as we called it. It was really a way of begging apples and pears. We used to go round to certain houses where we knew there were orchards and sing

"Clementsing clementsing once a year,

Apples and pears are very good cheer,

One for Peter, two for Paul, 

And three for the man who made us all."


May Day and St. Clement’s Day were but two landmarks in the passage of the year. Our whole lives were almost a part of the pageant of the seasons. 

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Susan Silvester, In a World That Has Gone. In Brunel University Library Special Collections, number 1:628, p. 8. accessed: 20 July, 2024 (By permission of Brunel University Library, Special Collections)

location of experience: Minworth, near Birmingham


Susan Silvester
baker, Grocer's assistant, in service, shop keeper

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St. Clement's Day song performed by Children

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Date/Time between in the beginning of the 1880's and at the end of the 1890's
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