Mary Berry in Whitehall Stairs, Whitehall, London - between 8 January, 1806 and 9 January, 1806

from Diary of Mary Berry, 13 January 1806, pages 309–311:

I had determined immediately after seeing it, to mark down the effect Lord Nelson's funeral should have on my mind, and that of the people about me. I had certainly hopes that it would have been more considerable than it was, although I had little hope of its being conducted with any real taste or solemn effect, knowing that its conduct had not been entrusted to any persons of approved taste themselves, or who would have summoned artists to their assistance. On the water it was a crowd of boats, in which the immense city barges…   more >>

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Mary Berry, Diary of Mary Berry, 13 January 1806. In Lady Theresa Lewis (ed.), Extracts of the Journal and Correspondence of Miss Berry from the Year 1783 to 1852, volume 2 (London, 1865), p. 309–311. accessed: 14 June, 2024

location of experience: Whitehall Stairs, Whitehall, London


Mary Berry
Author, literary hostess, Playwright

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ceremonial music at Lord Nelson's funeral procession

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Date/Time between 8 January, 1806 and 9 January, 1806
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The funeral procession of Admiral Lord Nelson took place in two stages. On 8 January 1806 his coffin was brought by water from Greenwich, where he had been lying in state, to London, landing at Whitehall Stairs. From there, it was transported to the Admiralty, where it lay overnight. The following day the coffin was borned in a street procession from Whitehall to St Paul's Cathedral, where the funeral service took place. Mary Berry's account, written a few days after the event, describes the processions on both days.

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