Joseph Hayes et al. in Farnborough - 1 January, 1778, at night

from Diary of John Yeoman, 1 January 1778, page 53:

Went to Willmot Esq., as I found that he makes a General Feast on Every New Years Day  […]  We was had into the Sarvents Hall, Where was I suppose was near to fifty people Drinking, Singing & Smoking, and all Joval together.  So I under Stood that there was Some Ladys in the …   more >>

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John Yeoman, Diary of John Yeoman, 1 January 1778. In Macleod Yearsley (ed.), The Diary of the Visits of John Yeoman to London in the Years 1774 and 1777 (London, December, 1934), p. 53. accessed: 19 June, 2024

location of experience: Farnborough


Joseph Hayes
John Yeoman
leader of the church choir, potter, tenant farmer

Listening to

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singing performed by servants
songs and violin music performed by John Yeoman, Joseph Hayes

Experience Information

Date/Time 1 January, 1778, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Yeoman has travelled in company with Joseph Hayes to visit a relation of Hayes, a potter called Allen Mason. Yeoman was to marry Hayes’s daughter, Mary, in 1779. All spelling and punctuation copied from the original.

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