Fifth Viscount Torrington in Derby - 9 June, 1790

from A Tour in the Midlands, 1790, page 163:

The Derby militia are assembled here; and disturbing (as at Northampton) the sick, and quiet, by their uproar.  […]

    [....] I toured around the town, and long attended to the building of the new bridge over the Derwent; then return’d to see the roll-calling of the militia (no remark necessary) and hear their noisy, useless music, and drummings.

cite as

John Byng, A Tour in the Midlands, 1790. In C. Bruyn Andrews (ed.), The Torrington Diaries Containing the Tours Throughout England and Wales of the Hon. John Byng (Later Fifth Viscount Torrington) Between the Years 1781 and 1794, volume 2 (London, 1935), p. 163. accessed: 12 June, 2024

location of experience: Derby


Fifth Viscount Torrington
Army officer, civil servant, diarist

Listening to

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the drumming and music of the Derby militia performed by the Derby militia

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Date/Time 9 June, 1790
Medium live
Listening Environment in public

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