Kevin Crossley-Holland et al. in Whiteleaf, near Princes Risborough - between in the middle of the 1940's and at the end of the 1940's

from The Hidden Roads: A Memoir of Childhood, page 9:

When we returned to Crosskeys [a cottage in the village of Whiteleaf, in the Chiltern Hills near Princes Risborough] after the war ended, my sister Sally and I slept on bunk beds in the ground-floor nursery.  I was on top, and played the pocket-general. 

There, Sally and I lay and listened to my father retelling traditional tales, sometimes accompanying himself on his Welsh harp.  An Anglo-Saxon half-line, singan ond secgan (to sing and say), suggests a way of reciting that is pitched but not melodic, and that’s how my father told us stories: he sang-and-said them.

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Kevin Crossley-Holland, The Hidden Roads: A Memoir of Childhood (London, 2009), p. 9. accessed: 13 June, 2024

location of experience: Whiteleaf, near Princes Risborough


Kevin Crossley-Holland
children's author, Novelist, Poet, translator

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musical story-telling performed by Peter Crossley-Holland

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Date/Time between in the middle of the 1940's and at the end of the 1940's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors

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