Thomas Cairns Livingston et al. in Scotland - 30 June, 1914

from Diaries of Thomas Cairns Livingston vol. 2:

[The listening experience could have happened in the Glasgow area where the the Livingston family lived (Govanhill), or on  the Isle of Bute, where they were on holiday two weeks earlier as a 15 June diary entry shows] 

Tuesday 30 June … Tommy & I sat at the room window listening to an alien playing the barrel organ. We gave him a penny.

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Thomas Cairns Livingston, Diaries of Thomas Cairns Livingston vol. 2. In Glasgow City Archives, number TD1969/2. accessed: 29 May, 2024 (By permission of Glasgow City Archives)

location of experience: Scotland


Thomas Cairns Livingston
Mercantile Book keeper, Shipping clerk, traveling salesman
Tommy Livingston
Lecturer English Literature, Scholar

Listening to

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unspecified barrel organ music

Experience Information

Date/Time 30 June, 1914
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors

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