Alfred Deahl et al. in Southampton - between 20th Century and the 1990's

from Interview with Alfred Deahl:

[Alfred Deahl recalls hearing his older sister Irene practising the piano]



Well, she was very good.  I used to love listening to her playing Beethoven at home, practising.  And my Dad was a terrible – oh, he was awful – I’ve seen her in tears.  He used to – she would be playing, and I remember very often I would hear, ‘That’s not damn well right!’  He used to storm into the front room, ‘Play it again!’  And …   more >>

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Interview with Alfred Deahl. In Private family collection. accessed: 22 May, 2024 (Original audio cassette in private family collection, used by permission of Alfred Deahl's daughter, Dr Paula James.)

location of experience: Southampton


Alfred Deahl
engineering draughtsman, shipbuilding draughtsman, Violinist
Ernest Deahl
orchestral player, Violinist

Listening to

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piano music
written by Ludwig van Beethoven
performed by Irene Deahl

Experience Information

Date/Time between 20th Century and the 1990's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


Paula James interviewed her father, Alfred Deahl, on 3 July 1994. She encouraged him to reminisce about his childhood visits to Southampton music halls and theatres, and his work as a young man playing the violin for Southampton theatres and silent cinema, and on board cruise ships. The above listening experience has been transcribed from the audio recording.

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