Moses Heap in Shuttleworth, nr. Ramsbottom, Lancashire - between 1834 and 1836

from My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories, page 6:

There was no church or chapel in the village. Park Independent Chapel was about a mile away, but some trouble occurred there, and one section separated from the other. The minister, Rev.Bery, [sic] Nightingale, left them and opened a room in Bank-Lane. My father attended his services, and Mr. Nightingale often came to our house with Old John Jackson. I liked to hear them telling their stories and singing their old tunes, but I went with my companions to Edenfield Church and Sunday School, which I enjoyed very much.

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Moses Heap, My Life and Times, or An Old Man's Memories. In Rossendale Collection, Rawtenstall Public Libraries, 1961, number RC 942 ROS, p. 6. accessed: 22 May, 2024

location of experience: Shuttleworth, nr. Ramsbottom, Lancashire


Moses Heap
millworker, yeast dealer

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'old tunes' performed by Old John Jackson, Rev. Nightingale, William Heap

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Date/Time between 1834 and 1836
Medium live
Listening Environment in private, indoors

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