Annette Gray et al. in Auditorium Theatre, Chicago - in the beginning of 1899

from W.F. Frame Tells His Own Story, pages 103–104:

[W]e made out way to Chicago, the tinned meat city.  There we gave a “Burns Anniversary” in the Auditorium Theatre…   more >>

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W.F. Frame, W.F. Frame Tells His Own Story (Glasgow), p. 103–104. accessed: 18 July, 2024

location of experience: Auditorium Theatre, Chicago


Annette Gray
David Charles Mather
gold prospector, Highland piper, miner
James Booth
Composer, Organist, Pianist
Walter Gray
Walter Haigh
Conductor, Violinist
William ('Wullie') Flint Frame
apprentice engineer, boot polisher, entertainer of troops during WW1, milkman's helper […]

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Traditional Scottish dance music performed by David C. Mather
unspecified Scottish songs performed by W.F. Frame

Experience Information

Date/Time in the beginning of 1899
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public


W.F. Frame and his company made a tour of the US and Canada from November 1898 until 9 April 1899.

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