Walter Freer

Walter Freer


General Manager Corporation Halls and Musical Recitals, Glasgow



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21 September, 1930

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Walter Freer

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1412679781685: It was my habit when I had some spare time on ...

1412681069504: I can tell you from experience that the old mu...

1412768744448: Jimmie Taylor, a mimic and comedian, was one o...

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1412785489580: ...Willie begin with...was a sentim...

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1412862636398: Of the operas that were performed in my early ...

1412863015646: J. W. Bowie, a tenor, who for forty years reta...

1412942036533: Jessie M'Lachlan... was indeed the Queen of Scotti...

1412942594042: [W.H.] Lannigan from boyhood had only one ambi...

1412942854640: Harry Linn was the quaintest comic of them all...

1412943061499: With so many Highland folk coming into Glasgow...

1412950301053: I was an office-bearer in Trinity Free Church,...

1412951015941: Knowing the idiosyncrasies of artists, I was n...

1412951299865: Durward Lely made his debut in the City Hall o...

1414514390430: At one of our concerts an Italian lady, who wa...

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