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Marie Bashkirtseff

Richard Church

Charles Dickens

Du Pré, Piers, 1948-

Lady Elizabeth Rigby Eastlake

George Eliot

Geoffrey Elleray

Ada Galsworthy

Thomas Gray

Ada Jackson

Georgina Lee

Joseph Mayett

Wilfred Owen

Hester Thrale

Mark VII

Priaulx Rainier

J. Lloyd Williams

Dorothy Wordsworth


Alexander Ewing

Alexander Ewing

Alexander Ewing

Anna Seward

Austrian Royalty

Captain George St. Loe [Lo]

Captain John Poyntz

Princess of Wales

Cathedral congregation

Cecil George Harwood

Church members, children and adults


Colonel Benjamin Fletcher

Congregational Church Women's Group

Cordelia (Dely) Collier

Austrian ambassador in London 1871-78

Countess Granville

Countess Granville

Daniel Parke Jr.

David Dunbar

Dora Bargate

3rd Earl of Clarendon

Edward Cranfield

Edwyn Stede

Elizabeth (Bessy) Moore

English Officers

English colonial government officials

English inhabitants

Frances Calvert

Francis Howard, 5th Baron Howard of Effingham

Frank Goss


George Canning

George Gregory

George Hamilton-Gordon

Georgiana Charlotte Fullerton, née Leveson-Gower

Gladys Harwood

Granville George Leveson-Gower

Gustavus III

Hender Molesworth

Countess Granville

Henry Machyn

Isabella Calvert

Isabella Stronge

J.R. Anderson

Jane (Jenny) Collier

John Saville

John Usher

Juliana Ewing

Lady Susan Leslie-Melville

Lavinia Frances (Fanny) Calvert

Lord Edward Pelham Clinton

Countess of Blessington

Mary Scott

Maud Clarke

Mr Garter

Mr Machell

Jonathan Turner

Mr. Alcock

Emma Turner

Mrs. Molesworth and gentlewomen of quality

Nicolson Calvert

Officers and soldiers

Prince Ludwig von Starhemberg

Reuben Moody

Sir Roger Cholmeley

Royal Marine Cadets

Royal Marine Exam Board

Lady Lyttelton

2nd Baronet Stronge, of Tynan Abbey

Sir Martin Bowes

Lord Mayor of London 1559-60

Susan Leveson-Gower

Susan Silvester

The clerks of London

Thomas Bisse

Thomas Caulfeild

Lord Mayor of London 1557-58

Lord Mayor of London 1556-57

Unnamed vicar

Violet Austin

Lord Mayor of London 1555-56

Lord Mayor of London


school concert audience

the congregation at the City Temple

the congregation of St Saviour's Church, Dalston

Adele Fellenburg

Albert, Prince Consort

Baroness Elizabeth Berkeley Craven

Benjamin Waddington

Bishop Marvin

Bishop of Lichfield

Bishop of Norwich

British Army officers

British soldiers

Carl Gottlieb Reissiger

Caroline [Lina] Deimling

Charlotte Elizabeth Canning

Charlotte Louise Henrietta Papendiek

Christian Workers

Christopher Wren

Church Minister


Crew and passengers

Daphne Price

Miss Dawson

Dorothea Crewdson

Dr. Robert Lowry

Dr. Theodore L. Cuyler

Duchess of Cambridge

Duke of Cambridge

Duke of Norfolk

Earl of Essex

Edward Jones

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Robinson Montagu

Ernest Bunsen

Ethel Bilbrough

F. M. L. Yates

F.B. Vaughan

Father of Mrs. Jemima Luke

Frances Anne Kemble

Frances Helen Bunsen

Frances Minto Dickinson Elliot

Frances Williams Wynn

George C. Needham

George Ent

Georgina Mary Ann Waddington (nee Port)

Henry Buckle

Henry Burstow

Henry Moorhouse

Horace Bundy

Jack Gearing

Jane Seymour

John B. Gough

John Baird

John Hay

John Joseph Merlin

John Thomas Jackson

John Wesley

Katharine M. Phipps

King Frederick William IV

King George III



Lady Llanover

Lady C. Campbell

Lady Herschel

Lillie Scales

Lina Waterfield


Lord Shaftesbury

Louisa Port

Maggie Lindsay

Major Whittle

Mary Fairfax Greig Somerville

Mary King Waddington


Mr. Caldwell

Mr. J. Denham Smith and family

Mr. S.W. Tucker

Mr. Studd

Mrs. Caldwell

Jemima Luke

Myra Evans

Otto Deimling

P.P. Bliss

Queen Adelaide

Queen Charlotte

Queen Victoria

Rev. A.J. Furman

Rev. Dr. Jacob Chamberlain

Rev. Mr. Schrick

Rev. W. Hay Aitken, Canon of Norwich

Sarah Jane Reeve

Richard Wingfield


Miss Stanley

The congregation present in the church

Thomas Coryate

Unknown Army Lieutenant

Unknown Baptist Minister

Unknown School Superintendent

Unknown soldier and missionary

Walter Freer

William Norman Collins

congregation of Trinity Free Church, Glasgow

drunken priests

unknown male


Anna Seward

Charles Hallé

Baron von Bunsen

Edmund Rubbra

Dame Ethel Mary Smyth

Felix Mendelssohn

Chopin, Frédéric, 1810-1849

Baroness von Bunsen


Gerard Manley Hopkins

Jane Austen

Lord Mayor of London

Philip Henry Gosse

Ray Charles

Frederick Bridge

Duke Ellington

Dr. Bonar

Thomas Moore


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