excerpt from '[Diary]: Abbott, Carolin' (152 words)

excerpt from '[Diary]: Abbott, Carolin' (152 words)

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[Diary]: Abbott, Caroline

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Jan. 2d pleasant snow storm. Mrs. Bradlee sent in her younger daughter in the evening to say tea was waiting. I took tea with them and accompanied them to the social concert given by the pupils of the female monitorial school under the instruction of Lowell Mason. I was very much delighted to hear the little girls sing alone so sweetly like little birds. Before the exercises commenced, Mr Fowle read an article of his own composition to the visitors. The sentiments were that we were all possessed of the capability of learning to sing that we were of learning to read. That the faculties of mind all required cultivation in order to arrive at a state of perfection, that there is no point at which to stop, that we either constantly make acquisitions, the knowledge already gained, else we are gradually losing what we possess. Which seems to me very natural.

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excerpt from '[Diary]: Abbott, Carolin' (152 words)

excerpt from '[Diary]: Abbott, Caroline' (152 words)


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