excerpt from 'Recollections of an old musician' pp. 145 (149 words)

excerpt from 'Recollections of an old musician' pp. 145 (149 words)

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Recollections of an old musician

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In 1853, Madame Sontag came to Boston with a brilliant company, Carl Eckert being the conductor. When the Sontag party first arrived in America they had with them the fine boy violinist, Paul Jullien. I think he was about fifteen years of age at that time. He played mainly Alard and Leonard pieces, and played them very brilliantly. When the company had made a limited concert tour, attended with indifferent success, it was reorganized into an operatic enterprise and the boy violinist returned to Europe. I think his career was closed by death.

I remember distinctly Sontag in her best role, “ La Fille du Regiment” She was a most attractive picture in her vivandiire costume, with the drum hanging from her neck by a “ sling,” and as she was a good drummer she won enormous success. She was certainly a fine actress and an excellent singer.

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excerpt from 'Recollections of an old musician' pp. 145 (149 words)


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