excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (107 words)

excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (107 words)

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Interview with Alfred Deahl

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[Alfred Deahl recalls hearing his older sister Irene practising the piano]



Well, she was very good.  I used to love listening to her playing Beethoven at home, practising.  And my Dad was a terrible – oh, he was awful – I’ve seen her in tears.  He used to – she would be playing, and I remember very often I would hear, ‘That’s not damn well right!’  He used to storm into the front room, ‘Play it again!’  And he’d make her play it a hundred bloody times before she got it what he called ‘right’, and she used to be playing and crying at the same time. 


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excerpt from 'Interview with Alfred Deahl' (107 words)


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