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1398108886907: Also my little opera A Childhood Miracle received ...

1424771983330: I spent a very nice day in Philadelphia, and excep...

1427109718628: My first orchestral concert was in Philadelphia, u...

1427455667151: Mom soon got a place for us in the rear of a Jewis...

1427455978797: I saw my first stage shows when I was eight, and w...

1427545742537: ...[A]t that Halloween party at Jack's [Rathskelle...

1427810864141: One night in 1957 I happened to be playing Philade...

1427963131168: [In 1960]… I did those duets with Betty Carter… ...

1428234759450: Barney Gordon's saloon was on the ground floor. We...





1430407394420: Mr. Harris came over to the theater in Philadelphi...


1435582459182: Last night with my protégés, Norman Stumpf, Robert...

1435608928485: As I was under an engagement to play my Concerto a...

1435614617630: All day Monday in Philadelphia, because the boys, ...

1435933298755: Evening, Nantucket. Was driven this morning from N...

1436134015417: Sunday afternoon, José Serebriern's concert with t...


1436395409514: Master class of singers in my songs. Four of the d...

performance of ''A Childhood Miracle'':

performance of 'Chuck Willis and the Cookies':

performance of 'Female Jazz singing':

performance of 'I Lost You so Why Should I Care?':

performance of 'Loeffler’s songs':

performance of 'Lovie Joe':

performance of 'Popular Song':

performance of 'Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble':

performance of 'Six Irish Poems':

performance of 'Stravisnky's piano concerto':

performance of 'Sunday Morning':

performance of 'Supper Time':

performance of 'Symphony Pathétique':

performance of 'Vocal Music':

performance of 'When You're a Long, Long Way from Home':

performance of 'music by Jeffrey Sharkey':

performance of 'music by Ned Rorem':

performance of 'music by Ned Rorem':

performance of 'trumpet music':

performance of 'That Ever Loving Man':

performance of 'jazz (, performance of)':


Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth Interspersed with Original Letters from...Queen Caroline

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