Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle



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Windsor Castle

1383317401876: I arrived here at 6, and at 8 went to dinner in th...

1386352158080: The party at dinner were Lord and Lady Derby, Lord...

1386674650718: [W]e were appointed to go to the Lodge at Windsor ...

1386675145325: The entertainment at the Castle yesterday was very...

1413210379225: St. George’s Chapel is a noble structure; has a fi...

1429010327455: I have at this moment (10 p.m.) arrived from Winds...

1429011927278: We were hardly there [back in their room at Windso...




1432998816588: Elvey trained all his choristers to read music acc...


1434289066235: Letter from Bunsen to a son, 13th February, 1854 -...




performance of 'Symphony No. 3 'Scottish'':

performance of 'Nocturnes':

performance of 'Geminiani's music at Windsor Castle':

performance of 'Handel's music at Windsor Castle':

performance of 'Handel's music at Windsor Castle':

performance of 'Midsummer Night's Dream':

performance of 'Singing drills and techniques-- shake':

performance of 'Erl-King':

performance of 'National Anthem':

performance of 'instrumental music':

performance of 'God Save the Queen':

performance of 'I will sing of Thy great mercies':

performance of 'Jerusalem':

performance of 'Messiah':

performance of 'Ode on the Birth of the Prince of Wales':

performance of 'St. Paul':

performance of 'The Triumphal Symphony of Beethoven':

performance of 'The Ways of Zion do Mourn':

performance of 'liturgy':


King George III

King George IV

King George III

death place

St George's Hall, Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle, Windsor

St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

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