Foreign accents/diacritical marks

What happens if, using for example a French AZERTY keyboard as I do, I type a word with its normal accents which all have their own keys, usually in the free text evidence box? Will it come out with hieroglyphics? This used to happen in RED but the new version of UKRED has worked round that, at least for French, German and Spanish, in order to deal with evidence submitted in languages other than English. Obviously in LED, composers' names like e.g. 'Fauré' will come up anyway ith the accents already sorted (I think), but will other words or place names in the evidence or additional notes fields look peculiar? I can send an example for you to look at, when released.

Hi Helen,
The data entry form accepts plain Unicode text, which means most diacritics will be recorded - so they should come out correctly the other side, as it were - not as hieroglyphics. However, there is no symbol insertion mechanism (as there is in Word, for example) so you can’t type diacritics directly into the fields. The intention is that you either (a) prepare your text in a Word document (or equivalent) and copy and paste it, or (b) if you prefer, set up the desired keyboard layout.