esthesic enquiries


I'm currently studying listening behaviors (after Fran├žois Delalande / Antonio Alcazar / Elizabeth Anderson) and have gathered quite a few testimonies by various French listeners, so I have some questions :

Do those kind of testimonies have their place here? From what I read, most experiences seem to be very global recounts taken from diaries or similar books. My collections were more about specific impressions related to the listening of short abstracts or pieces (~ 2-3 minutes) of electroacoustic music, just like those of the authors I mentioned.

Also, maybe I missed something, the website is large, but I don't think I saw French anywhere. Is French accepted too, or should the experiences be translated?

Finally, the Browse function does not regroup experience by genre or century, will it be the case? It is quite hard to find a way in the "by music" section, and even the "by location" section seems to be quite hard to follow, since cities are not grouped by countries.

Still, the whole thing is a great idea :)

Hi Nicolas, and apologies for being slow to reply.

Are your testimonies the result of a survey, questionnaire or experiment? Under the current terms of the project, we're not looking for 'solicited' evidence of this type. What we're trying to gather are more 'spontaneous', private reactions, as recorded in things like diaries and letters (as you've noticed).

Our funding unfortunately doesn't stretch to translation, so we can only accept material in the English language, although it's fine if this is a pre-existing translation from another language. In future, one of the things we hope to do is to internationalise the project and start to include data in many languages.

The Browse function is very basic - a much more sophisticated search facility is one of the things we're working on right now.