Samuel Johnson in Scottish Highlands - the 1770's

from Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, page 98:

They accompany in the Highlands every action which can be done in equal time, with an appropriate strain, which has, they say, not much meaning ; but its effects are regularity and cheerfulness. The ancient proceleusmatick song, by which the rower of gallies were animated, may be supposed to have been of this kind. There is now an oar-song used by the Hebrideans.
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Samuel Johnson, Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. In Richard Baker and David Proctor (ed.), Music of the sea (:London, 2005), p. 98. accessed: 27 May, 2024

location of experience: Scottish Highlands


Samuel Johnson
lexicographer, Writer

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Highland mouth music

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Date/Time the 1770's
Medium live

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