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from Thomas Twining to Richard Twining, Passenham, 26 July 1802, pages 618-619:

I found Miss Missenden here; & on the Monday following came Dr. Hague from Cambridge, & Dr. Crotch from Oxford... besides his [Crotch] being an excellent violoncello, his accompaniment on the piano was a great treat. I have often had great enjoyment of music here, but never so great as now -- particularly from our quartetts, which went better than any I ever bore a part in. I wished for you to have seen & heard a very extraordinary thing: a man, neither professing the instrument nor in practice, bowing with his left hand & fingering with his right, on a violoncello strung as usual, playing the…   more >>
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Thomas Twining, Thomas Twining to Richard Twining, Passenham, 26 July 1802. In Thomas Twining, and Ralph S. Walker (ed.), A selection of Thomas Twining's letters 1734-1804 : the record of a tranquil life, volume 1 (Lewiston, New York, 1991), p. 618-619. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1393608828979 accessed: 21 July, 2024

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written by George Frideric Handel
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