Richard Temple Savage in Royal Opera House - at the end of the 1940's

from A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician, pages 116-117:

His Wagner (pace Peter Heyworth!) must have been the slowest on record, it nearly stopped and, as Weingartner said, however slowly you play Wagner it must move. With Reggie one could begin to understand why Nietzsche said that Wagner's music must had "the heartbeat of a slug". We really did fall out over the Dance of the Apprentices in "Meistersinger" when I was again playing first clarinet and he took it so slowly that my musical conscience refused to allow me to play it at that speed and I put down my instrument.
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Richard Temple Savage, A voice from the Pit: Reminiscences of an Orchestral Musician (Newton Abbot, 1988), p. 116-117. accessed: 30 May, 2024

location of experience: Royal Opera House


Richard Temple Savage
clarinettist music librarian, writer, music librarian, Clarinetist, Writer

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'Dance of the Apprentices' (Act III) from 'Die Meistersinger'
written by Richard Wagner
performed by Covent Garden Opera Company, Reginald Goodall

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Date/Time at the end of the 1940's
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public


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