William Beatty-Kingston et al. in Vienna

from Music and manners; personal reminiscences and sketches of character, pages 39-40:

On the 11th of April, 1886, when my London home was honoured by his presence [Franz Liszt]...he alluded to several musical ana of that memorable winter, incidents which I had completely forgotten, and especially recalled to my remembrance the excellent playing of a Polish pupil of his, then a stripling of twenty, now a prosperous P.F. teacher, and the father of half-a-dozen children ; also of his (Liszt's) having played one evening at poor Harry Arnim's to Prince Frederick of Hohenzollern, the King of Romania's younger brother, upon whom Liszt's …   more >>

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William Beatty-Kingston, Music and manners; personal reminiscences and sketches of character, volume 1 (London, 1887), p. 39-40. https://led.kmi.open.ac.uk/entity/lexp/1444237930645 accessed: 23 September, 2023

location of experience: Vienna


William Beatty-Kingston
journalist, Librettist, memoirist, Translation
Franz Liszt
Franciscan Tertiary, Composer, Conducting, Pianist […]

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