Virginia Woolf

from The diary of Virginia Woolf. Vol.3, 1925-30, page 145:

After dinner last night we discussed the Empire...So on to the system of bribery; to the great age of England being the age of colonial expansion.  "I grant Shakespeare's a nasty snag." "But why not grow, change?" I said.  Also, I said, recalling the aeroplanes that had flown over us, while the portable wireless played dance music on the terrace, "can't you see that nationality is over?  All divisions are now rubbed out, or about to be?" Raymond vehemently assented. Raymond is all for the triumph of the mind.

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Virginia Woolf, and Anne Olivier Bell (ed.), The diary of Virginia Woolf. Vol.3, 1925-30 (Harmondsworth, 1982), p. 145. accessed: 21 July, 2024


Virginia Woolf

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