Sergei Prokofiev in Los Angeles - 13 December, 1921, at night

from Sergey Prokofiev diaries: 13 January 1921, page 578:

The evening, or rather night, passed very pleasantly, everyone getting merry with drink and I danced with Baranovskaya. At midnight all the lights were doused, we shouted 'hurrah' and someone sang 'God Save the Tsar' and then immediately the Marseillaise. We agreed on 'Slavsya!' from A Life for the Tsar, which I predicted would be the future Russian National Anthem*, and which Ariadna and I there and then played on the piano four-hands.

cite as, Sergey Prokofiev diaries: 13 January 1921, p. 578. accessed: 22 June, 2024

location of experience: Los Angeles


Sergei Prokofiev
performer, Composer, Musician

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written by Mikail Ivanovich Glinka
performed by Ariadna Rumanova (née Nikolskaya), Sergei Prokofiev
God Save the Tsar

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Date/Time 13 December, 1921, at night
Medium live
Listening Environment in the company of others, in private, indoors


* S.P. was incorrect in this - 'Slavsya!' never became recognised as the Russian National Anthem after the revolution. Gathering at Alla Nazimova's house to celebrate the Russian New Year (by the Orthodox calendar).

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