Ned Rorem in Fes - between May, 1951 and July, 1951

from The Paris Diary: Fez. Morocco August, 1951, page 44:

Edith Piaf who - with the now-immortal Cerdan- is France's idol, has for me too almost replaced Billie Holiday. I cannot forget how, rue de la Harpe and later at the Hôtel du Bon La Fontaine, we would sit for hours on end drinking wine and listening again and again to those two records ("Un homme comme les Autres," "Je m'en fous pas mal") sung by this brave unnoticeable, tiny, rigid woman, tears streaming down our faces, knowing that we ourselves were in her mouth, a mouth howling the most brazen clichés.
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Ned Rorem, The Paris Diary: Fez. Morocco August, 1951. In The Paris Diary and The New York Diary 1951-1961 (New York, 1998), p. 44. accessed: 3 December, 2023

location of experience: Fes


Ned Rorem
Critic, essayist, Composer, Diarist […]

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song 'Je m'en fous pas mal'
written by Michel Emer
performed by Édith Piaf
song 'Un homme comme les Autres'
written by Pierre Roche
performed by Édith Piaf

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Date/Time between May, 1951 and July, 1951
Medium broadcast
Listening Environment in the company of others, indoors, in public

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