Yehudi Menuhin - 20th Century

from Unfinished Journey, page 158:

Heifetz was a figure aloof – in his distinguished impassive appearance, in the incredible perfection of his playing, and in his generally uncommunicative manner. Those detractors for whom technical perfection is not enough inferred from these characteristics that he was cold. I think they mistook for coldness a degree of discipline and method which no other violinist of our time possessed. With a Heifetz performance, you could be sure that everything, down to the smallest inflection, was calculated, controlled and willed.
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Yehudi Menuhin, Unfinished Journey (London, April, 1977), p. 158. accessed: 26 February, 2024


Yehudi Menuhin
Violinist, Conducting

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Menuhin's opinions on Jascha Heifetz's violin playing performed by Jascha Heifetz

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